Book-Scented Candles for Bibliophiles

Kirstin Fawcett
Frostbeard Studio
Frostbeard Studio / Frostbeard Studio

Love your Kindle, but miss the smell of old books? Your apartment can be filled with the nostalgic musk of fading covers and creased pages with the strike of a match.

Frostbeard Studio, a Minneapolis-based arts business headed by husband-and-wife team Tom and Roxie Lubanovic, makes self-professed “nerdy candles.” According to Roxie Lubanovic, the duo’s most popular candle is “Old Books.” Part of Frostbeard’s Book Lovers’ Series, the soy wax blend features a mixture of musk and floral notes. No mildew and rot in this library!

Other literary offerings include “Oxford Library,” which has hints of sandalwood, oakmoss, tobacco, and leather, as well as the chocolate-and-coffee scented “Reading at the Café.” However, if you’re searching for a gift for that aunt who secretly binge-reads bodice rippers, the “Trashy Romance Novel”—inspired by tropical mixed drink “Sex on the Beach”—might be your best bet.

Candles can be purchased via the Frostbeard Studio Etsy store or on their website