1894 Time Capsule Contains Bottle of Whisky

Michele Debczak
Image Courtesy of iStock
Image Courtesy of iStock / Image Courtesy of iStock

Time capsules usually show us how much things have changed, but one thing that never will is Scotland's love of whisky.

Construction workers discovered the time capsule inside a cornerstone of the Ruthven Road bridge outside Kingussie, Scotland. The rusted, shoebox-sized container is thought to be 121 years old, containing a newspaper dated September 1894, a paper scroll, and an intact bottle of what's thought to be whisky.

Unfortunately, whisky only improves with age when that aging takes place in a barrel and not in a bottle buried in a bridge. Though there is a precedent for sampling century-old whisky in the name of science, this particular bottle will remain undisturbed at the local Highland Folk Museum along with the rest of the time capsule.

The superstructure of Ruthven Road bridge is set to be replaced by later this year. The infrastructure company that uncovered the time capsule is now working with the local primary school to put together a time capsule of their own. We assume the hard liquor will be left out this time around.

[h/t: BBC]