Stress Ball Tourist Map Zooms In When Squeezed

Shaunacy Ferro
Denes Sator via Behance
Denes Sator via Behance / Denes Sator via Behance

Traveling around a new city is guaranteed to induce a little stress, and even more wondering, “Am I going the right way?” Budapest-based designer Denes Sator has proposed a clever way to both get out your frustration and figure out where you're headed: The EggMap, which doubles as a stress ball.

When you squeeze it, the ball bulges out, revealing more detail within the map, including icons that point to hotels, metro stops, and parks. Sator uses Budapest as his prototype city, but EggMap’s Facebook page promises that more cities will be forthcoming.

Even if you aren’t traveling, the stress balls are a cutesy way to show your love (and occasional frustration) for any city.

[h/t: Co.Design]

All images by Denes Sator via Behance.