Artist Makes Smoothies That Match Pantone Swatches

Rebecca OConnell

There's something so satisfying about finding an object that matches a Pantone chip perfectly. Art director Hedvig Astrom Kushner started a project called Pantone Smoothies dedicated to the art of blending fruits to match the iconic swatches.

Kushner has made a lot of smoothies in her life, and realized that changing the color is a lot like mixing paint. For her project, the art director buys colored paper and matches it to a Pantone swatch. Then she gets to work adding fruits and vegetables to a blender to try to mimic the swatch. Once the right concoction is discovered, the ingredients are laid out, with the colored paper as the backdrop. She and Michael Kushner snap some pictures using a lightbox in their basement. All the recipes are listed with the photographs in case you get thirsty scrolling. 

[h/t: My Modern Met]