100,000 White Balloons Turn a London Shopping Center Into a Cloud

Shaunacy Ferro
Covent Gardens
Covent Gardens / Covent Gardens

Some 100,000 balloons have taken over a 19th century market building in London, forming an indoor cloud that floats through the mall.

Covent Garden, a shopping and cultural center in London, is playing host to a new exhibition by French artist Charles Pétillon, whose specialty is large-scale installations of white balloons. His series Invasions places carefully arranged clusters of all-white balloons in unusual contexts. In one, the balloons burst out the seams of a house, like a flood of vanilla Dippin’ Dots; in another, they cascade out of a basketball hoop; in yet another, they coalesce into a floating cloud in the middle of a forest. 

Heartbeat: 100,000 Illuminated Balloons Suspended in Covent Garden by Charles Pétillion from Colossal on Vimeo.

This London Design Week installation is Pétillon's first outside of France. It runs until September 27.

[h/t: Colossal]