In the town of Cesis, Latvia, a small-scale project by a group of architecture students is making it easier to sit back and watch the grass grow. 

This summer, students at Riga Technical University International Summer School built Wild Thing, an observation deck that rises high above a valley that’s in the process of becoming wild again. Rewilding is a conservation movement based on the idea of letting the landscape return to its natural state, allowing ecosystems to function without human management or interference. 

For those interested in watching the process without disturbing it, you can climb up the ladder to the almost 15-foot-tall Wild Thing cabin, where there’s enough room for six people. Two of the cabin walls open up, turning it into an observation deck. From high above, you can enjoy the serenity of the wildlife without scaring off any animals or trampling any delicate wildflowers. 

[h/t: Inhabitat]

All images by Kaspars Kursišs, Building Works Unit