Experience Life Underwater in Your Own Personal Submarine

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The experience of ocean living is usually confined to a vacation scuba dive or documentary feature, but the “underwater aviation industry” is growing, and it can be yours to experience—if you’ve got $1.5 million to spare.

A company called DeepFlight is forging new territory in the field and their latest Dragon model offers a personal submarine experience like no other. The roughly 4,000-pound, 5-foot tall vehicle can take two passengers 400 feet underwater with just a lever and a joystick. It’s being called the most compact, lightweight and intuitive version of the personal submarine in an emerging market.


The Dragon doesn’t work like a regular submarine, which controls its position by taking on water through valves to sink down and unloading it through pneumatics to ascend. The Dragon functions more like a drone, with rotors and vertical thrust to move it through the water and make very subtle movements that allow for hovering. The craft is also positively buoyant so it will float to the surface on its own.


Since no professional driver is needed, DeepFlight is hoping to make the Dragon accessible to tourists to rent. Another of their underwater flyers—the Super Falcon—is already available for rental at two resorts and is more of a flyer than a drifter.


Graham Hawkes, founder of DeepFlight, told Fast Company that he hopes the Dragon will someday bring a passenger face to face with a giant squid for a landmark encounter. 

To see the Dragon in flight, check out the video below.