Meet the Animators Behind Sleeping Beauty

Caitlin Schneider

The process for creating an animated full-length feature is somewhat mind-boggling for anyone outside the field. It takes many people many, many hours to build the magical worlds we fall in love with.

In the short film 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree, a Walt Disney “Adventure in Art”, the four animators behind Sleeping Beauty showcase their unique roles in the production. The man himself, Walt Disney, introduces the 16-minute documentary and first mentions a theme that is restated throughout: the power of collaboration. From the effects animator, to stylists, and background artists, each animator plays a vital role in the beautiful movie-making machine.

As the narrator says: “This entire operation puts one in mind of a symphony orchestra. Where men who are good enough to be solo artists in their own right, are thinking only of the effect they are producing on the whole.”

Take a look at this delightful video to see what Princess Aurora could have looked like and, as the title previews, what four artists create from the same arboreal inspiration.

[h/t Visual News]