Get in, losers, we’re going shopping at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

The boutique candy store chain has teamed up with Paramount Pictures to launch a line of candy and accessories inspired by Mean Girls, the eminently quotable satire of high school cliques that launched a thousand pink Polo shirts upon its release in 2004. 

The items pay homage to some of the movie’s most acerbic scenes and one-liners. “Kälteen” chocolate bars are sold alongside “Is Butter a Carb?” buttered popcorn-flavored jellybeans and “You Go Glen Coco,” well, cocoa. Other, non-sugary merchandise includes “Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping” tote bags and “Her Hair is So Big Because It’s Full of Secrets” hair ties.

Dylan's Candy Bar

In honor of the collaboration, Dylan’s Candy Bar stores across the country will host celebrations on October 3rd, a.k.a. National Mean Girls Day (yes, this is a thing). Expect trivia, nostalgia, and a lot of people trying to make fetch happen.