See What Happens When Competing Brands Swap Colors

Caitlin Schneider /

A lot goes into building the perfect brand identity—from the name to font to graphics and of course, logo colors. It’s more powerful than you might realize in presenting a company and solidifying consumers’ associations with it.

Printsome, a UK-based creative T-shirt printing agency, had some fun with this idea on their blog by swapping colors of competing brand logos.

As author Paula Rúpolo writes: “The point of the whole exercise for me, as a graphic designer, was to explore how we associate a certain colour scheme to a given company or product.”

In seeing the various swaps, it’s interesting how some brands rely entirely on their color schemes while others are hardly affected at all. Some swaps are dramatic, some are negligible, and some actually border on upsetting (the Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks switch made me scowl). 

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