Italian Artist Uses Recycled Waste to Create Furniture

Rebecca OConnell

There are plenty of furniture makers producing sustainable creations out of recycled materials, but Italian artist Ilaria Bianchi is a lot more up front about it. Instead of camouflaging these reused items, she proudly showcases their presence in her furniture line, CastAway, which features pieces that use waste in ways both obvious and unique. 

Bianchi collects found materials from the streets of London and gives them new life as sturdy, stylish furniture. The resulting decor does more than just prove the old adage about "one man's trash"—it also makes a bigger point about pollution and community.

"The aim is to observe what behavioural patterns arise when objects that are generally perceived as belonging to the private sphere are left 'unsupervised' for public use, in order to assess whether a sense of community can be reinforced through the employment of design ideas," Bianchi said on her website. "Since our attachment to privately owned objects is so strong, perhaps generating a stronger sense of collective ownership of our public spaces could revive our concern towards what we share as a community." 

[h/t: Design Milk]