3D Printers Can Now Make Gummy Candies

Anna Green

Delicious news for technophiles with a sweet tooth: the world’s first candy 3D printer is now fully operational.

Thanks to revolutionizing everything from prosthetics to affordable medical equipment, 3D printers have been in the news a lot lately. But up until now, 3D printed candy was uncharted territory. 

The printer, created by a candy company called Katjes and operating out of the Café Grün-Ohr in Berlin, makes gummy candies in a range of designs and flavors. According to Mashable, customers will also be able to suggest new designs on the company’s website (which is currently down). The printer—called the Magic Candy Factory—layers strings of candy on top of each other to create delightful animal shapes or spell out a customer’s name.

It’s also the first commercially operational food printer—a big step forward for the technology in terms of practical application.

Of course, it’s mostly just for fun. Katjes understands that the only thing more exciting than being a kid in a candy shop is being able to print the candy yourself.

[h/t Mashable]