Henry VIII Was the Worst Monarch, According to History Writers

Kirstin Fawcett
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Between beheading two of his six wives, sentencing hundreds of his subjects to death, and breaking his country away from the Catholic Church, is it any wonder that people today think Henry VIII was kind of, well, the worst?

A trade group of authors and publishers known as the Historical Writers Association surveyed more than 60 prominent writers to discover which of the world’s past rulers deserve the title of “Worst Monarch in History.” The mantle was bestowed upon Henry VIII, who won with a whopping 20 percent of the vote. Following him was Edward VIII, who received 14 percent, and Charles I and John I, who tied at 8 percent.

What qualities made Henry VIII more loathsome than his heavy-handed and corrupt counterparts? Respondents didn’t mince their words, The Guardian reports, and called the Tudor monarch everything from “a gross man-child” to “a self-indulgent wife murderer and tyrant.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Queen Elizabeth won “Best Monarch in History" by 36 percent. Trailing behind were Alexander the Great at 10 percent and Henry II at 6 percent. Considering that Queen Elizabeth was Henry VIII's daughter, her win should mitigate everyone's secret fear that they'll someday grow up to become their parents. 

[h/t The Guardian]