The Perfect Parallel Parking Solution Has Been Around Since 1927

Shaunacy Ferro

Oh, parallel parking, that scourge of driving tests. Unless you happen to drive around in a big city often, you may be somewhat out of practice in the skill of parallel parking, since modern suburban parking lots have made it almost obsolete. But when it is necessary, man, is it time-consuming and embarrassing to struggle through as a relative amateur.

Why aren’t cars made with easy parallel parking in mind? That’s the question that arises when you watch this 1927 video of a car that can pivot in circles. The film, from the Pathé News archive, shows an exciting invention on display in Paris in the early 20th century. The car’s front wheels turn sideways, allowing it to swing out like a door. Suddenly, getting into that tight spot is easy: just back in, then pivot the front end into place. 

Can we bring this one back, please? 

[h/t: Aeon]

Banner image screenshot via YouTube