This LED Light Lets You Turn Ordinary Objects Into Lamps

Kirstin Fawcett
Luke Lamp Co.
Luke Lamp Co. / Luke Lamp Co.

Luke Kelly makes handmade lamps. Now you can too with his newest creation, Baselamp

Baselamp is a flat LED light that turns anything it shines through into a custom lamp. Switch on Baselamp, place an item over its bright surface, and watch it glow. Baselamp works particularly well with translucent objects like fish bowls, flower vases, and wine or whiskey bottles—but Kelly encourages you to use your imagination.

"With a bit of creativity, even non-translucent objects will work," he tells mental_floss. "I use mine as a display for my drone. You can build a small LEGO sculpture over the light. Even origami will work."

A successful Kickstarter campaign allowed Kelly to get his creation off the ground. Now, he's taking pre-orders for fall deliveries. Baselamp retails for $99 and is available for purchase on Kelly's website

Check out how Baselamp works in the video below: