Prowl Through Japan With Cat Street View

Rebecca OConnell

Hiroshima Tourism Agency has released a new spin on Google Street View that lets you explore the city from a more intimate perspective. This exciting new program is part of the city's new campaign to promote tourism called “Kanpai! (Cheers) Hiroshima – Look! – Eat! – Drink!” The agency decided that the best tour guides they could provide were of the feline variety. 

"You can enjoy and experience the hidden charms of the backstreets and the scenery of Hiroshima from the perspective of cats which know them well," the agency said in a press release.

Viewers can see the backstreets and low-to-the-ground sights of Onomichi, Hiroshima and pay a visit to 11 famous cats in the area. Blue and orange markers let users know where things are. When you hover over them, they provide little tidbits of information. 

Right now, you can only see the cat-heavy area of Onomichi, but there are plans to expand in October.

[h/t: Google Maps ManiaCNET]