This Website Chooses a Short Story for You to Read While You Poop

Shaunacy Ferro
Screenshot via Poopfiction
Screenshot via Poopfiction / Screenshot via Poopfiction

Poopers, close out from Twitter and stop scrolling through Facebook. There’s a more highbrow way to entertain yourself on the pot.

Poopfiction is an online curation of short stories that are ready and available for your morning dump. Eschew Candy Crush—and whatever other forms of pooptainment you’ve been staring at while sitting on the john—for a more productive bathroom break. 

The stories come from Project Gutenberg’s collection of copyright-free e-books, so expect more Mark Twain than Dan Brown. Think of it as expanding your knowledge of literary history. You can finally catch up on your Robert Louis Stevenson or your Aesop’s fables. 

You can choose the story’s length based on the time you think you’ll spend, ahem, reading. Stories are categorized into tiny, short, medium, and long (long equates to a 4+ minute read).

Go on, get reading

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