When Stevie Wonder Paid a Visit to Sesame Street

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In 1973, musician Stevie Wonder stopped by Sesame Street to play songs, hang out with Grover, and generally brighten everyone's day. In a 2105 NPR interview, Sonia Manzano ("Maria") singled out one memory as the most profound in her decades on the show. Manzano said:

"The whole studio rocked out and it was great because, white people, black people, young people, old people—everybody was on the same page for that two minutes that he sang and that really stands out. "It was a moment of clarity, I think that you know, we started this show, we thought we were going to end racism, we were going to close the education gap ... We had big dreams! And moments like Stevie being on the show gave us a glimpse of the way things could be."

Here's the nearly seven-minute "Superstition" groove; watch for the kids enjoying themselves:

But that's not all Stevie Wonder did on the show. Here he is singing with Grover: