Gorgeous Double Exposure Animal Portraits You'll Want for Your Wall

Erin McCarthy
Andreas Lie
Andreas Lie / Andreas Lie

Andreas Lie might have been an engineer, if he hadn't found the exams so boring. So he opted to go a different route and make art instead. Now, the 24-year-old mixed media graphic artist based in Bergen, Norway, makes incredible images that combine animals with the forests they call home.

Lie creates each double exposure image by mashing up two stock photos in Photoshop. According to The Week, he's "constantly considering the compatibility of various stock photos, wondering how an animal's fur will combine with the forests' trees, or whether a tail is bushy enough to house an entire mountain range."

The artist has created three animal series so far: Norwegian Woods, Arctic Woods, and Animal Series in Black and White. He doesn't work in just animals, either—other pieces of artwork include a flowery skull and a spacewalking astronaut.

You can see more of Lie's incredible images below. When you're done, visit his website, check out his webstore, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

[h/t The Week]