Tiny Embroidered Patches Mingle With Iconic Shirt Logos

Rebecca OConnell
Stephen Cross & Simon Connor
Stephen Cross & Simon Connor / Stephen Cross & Simon Connor

You probably don't give a lot of thought to the logos stitched onto your T-shirts, but that doesn't mean that the characters don't have rich and exciting backstories. Textile artist team Maricor/Maricar partnered with artists Stephen Cross and Simon Connor to create Graffitees, tiny embroidered patches that can interact with your own shirt's logo to provide it with additional context. Which might mean that the docile Lacoste crocodile is now duking it out with Steve Irwin, that the Enjoi panda is bucking off a rodeo cowboy, or that Paul Smith's colorful zebra is now the creation of a miniature graffiti artist.

"The idea originated as a way of commemorating Steve Irwin, but quickly grew into something bigger," Cross explained. "These patches allow the wearer to create narratives, make a statement, and have fun with iconic brand logos." 

Each patch is meticulously hand-stitched by Maricor and Maricar. The team is working to expand the selection to make them available for purchase. You can follow their progress here and register for e-mail updates here.

All images courtesy of Stephen Cross & Simon Connor

[h/t: Creative Boom]