You Can Now Juice With Your Pup

Bocce's Bakery
Bocce's Bakery / Bocce's Bakery

If you're at a loss as to how to nourish your pup after an intense doga session, the folks at Bocce's Bakery have a solution: “Green Juice” biscuits, packed with spinach, kale, and sweet apples.

The Brooklyn-based dog treat vendor sells “all-natural, preservative and chemical-free” products to health-conscious hound lovers. (Their green treats also incorporate spirulina, flax seeds, and a hint of mint.) Obviously, the goodies shouldn't be used for canine "cleanses" or meal substitutes—neither should real green juices, for that matter—but the occasional snack could be a fuss-free way to incorporate Fido into your wellness routine. (It beats bringing him with you to SoulCycle.)

According to The Los Angeles Times, the cold-pressed juice market rakes in an estimated $100 million per year. Considering that sales of natural pet treats are also on the rise, it makes sense that the green juice fad has officially gone to the dogs.