Intensely Elaborate Papercraft From Mumbai That Will Brighten Up Your Desk

sky goodies
sky goodies / sky goodies

Due to the printable nature of papercraft, it's easy for people all over the world to share their work. Artists can provide downloadable projects and those interested can print them out and have them instantly; the only catch is that you have to assemble the figures yourself. If you're more interested in ease than instantaneity, Mumbai-based Sky Goodies is the shop for you. The store provides the convenience of pre-printed, pre-cut, and pre-creased projects so the only thing you have to do is fold. They also offer the traditional printable kind if you're just too impatient. 

Shop owners Amit Gudibanda and Misha Gudibanda have day jobs, but moonlight as paper artists. Their goal is to make beautiful paper projects that anyone can enjoy. Besides being colorful knick-knacks for your home or office, many of the products also serve a purpose. The paper camera doubles as a picture frame, the potted plant can hide candy, and the typewriter can display a tiny calendar. Each kit is brilliantly hued and breathtakingly elaborate. You can buy a project for yourself on their Etsy shop

[h/t: Creative Boom]