Classic Book Covers Come to Life With Subtle GIFs

Javier Jensen
Javier Jensen / Javier Jensen

Literature’s most iconic covers sometimes manage to capture the spirit of a book with a single image. Artist Javier Jensen has found a way to preserve this classic simplicity while updating the covers with a 21st century spin.

By adding subtle GIFs to literary treasures like The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby, and Green Eggs and Ham, Jensen invites your eyes to linger on these familiar images a bit longer than you may have otherwise. The yellow, blinking eyes from Gatsby and Moby Dick’s disappearing tail bring the covers to life and encourage observers to view them in a new light. 

Tablets and e-readers have revolutionized the way people read, and beautiful cover art is in danger of becoming a relic. Jensen’s creations strike the perfect balance between innovation and nostalgia. Hopefully we'll see covers in this style lighting up Kindles in the near future. 

Green Eggs and Ham

Le Petit Prince

Moby Dick

The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

The Hobbit

The Great Gatsby

[h/t: Slate]