Watch Vintage Star Wars Public Service Announcements

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Hoth Iceplanet
YouTube / Hoth Iceplanet / YouTube / Hoth Iceplanet

After Star Wars became a box office hit, various U.S. government agencies made Public Service Announcements for TV. They're dreadful, but if you're a Star Wars fan, you need to watch these.

R2-D2 Smokes (1983)

R2's little pokey-arm thing is finally put to use! Too bad it's for (gasp!) smoking!

"Smoking does dreadful things to your lungs!" -C-3PO to R2-D2, neither of whom have lungs.

The Droids Discuss Vaccines (1978)

C-3PO has a message for Earth parents.

Drinking and Driving at the Cantina (1979)

This must have cost at least $50 to make.