Muggles Are Welcome at Toronto's Harry Potter-Themed Bar

Michele Debczak
The Lockhart via Facebook
The Lockhart via Facebook / The Lockhart via Facebook

The first Harry Potter book turned 18 this summer, which means the original fandom is all grown up. For adult fans still holding out for their Hogwarts letters, there’s now a Harry Potter-themed bar that encourages patrons to indulge their nerdy sides. 

The Lockhart—named for Harry’s egomaniac of a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from the second book—opened its doors in Toronto, Canada last Saturday. Fans will notice references to the series tucked throughout the bar, from the stag logo on the wall (Harry’s patronus) to the heart-shaped, neon sign depicting the series’ final words, “All was well.” 

The magical theme extends to the drink menu, where you can order their take on a dark and stormy called "The Shacklebolt” or a busy, mixed concoction called “Befuddlement Draft.” One drink, “Ludo’s Debt,” is named for a reference so obscure that the bar has promised a free drink to whoever can figure it out. 

The owners Paris Xerx and Matt Rocks (both self-identified Hufflepuffs) are now planning to introduce brunch service and trivia nights to the wizarding pub. They'd also like to add butterbeer to the menu once they figure out an alternate name that hasn’t been copyrighted. When asked their favorite subject at Hogwarts, both owners chose potions class—which comes as no surprise given their passion for mixology. 

[h/t: Now Toronto]