Brooklyn Is Getting a Food and Drink Museum

Shaunacy Ferro
Museum of Food and Drink
Museum of Food and Drink / Museum of Food and Drink

New York City is getting its first museum devoted entirely to the food world. The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD), opening on October 28 in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, will be stationed in a small space and house one exhibition at a time.

There are food museums around the world, but most are a little more specialized in topic (Belgium’s Frietmuseum is dedicated entirely to fried potatoes). The MOFAD Lab will take a broader approach to food education, launching with an exhibition on the flavor industry. Future exhibits will explore food science, production, commerce, and of course, consumption. The museum’s executive director, Peter Kim, has expressed a longing for a food museum on the scale of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to give you a sense of the project’s ambitions. 

The Museum of Food and Drink began as a crowdfunded project in 2013, kicking off with a pop-up exhibit on the technology behind puffy cereal. The MOFAD Lab in Brooklyn will be its first permanent exhibition space. In the future, it may expand into a larger space with room for three exhibitions and a restaurant, though that dream may still be years away. 

As if Brooklyn needed more attractions for hipster foodies

[h/t: Gothamist]