Hear 5 of the Dumbest-Sounding Birds in North America

NPR, via YouTube
NPR, via YouTube / NPR, via YouTube

Birds are majestic and captivating creatures, many of whom chirp and sing their way through life in a most beautiful manner. Many, but not all.

Nick Lund of The Birdist and NPR’s science Tumblr Skunk Bear got together to introduce the world to some seriously dumb-sounding birds. The American Bittern, Northern Barred Owl, Willow Ptarmigan, and Atlantic Puffin are all featured, as is America’s avian figurehead, the Bald Eagle. We still love you, Haliaeetus leucocephalus.

The audio—from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology—is below, and there’s also a short video and Tumblr post, both of which include gorgeous vintage art (attention natural history nerds!) from ArtVintage1800s.