A Crane Hat That Serves You Cereal, and 4 Other Ways to Make Breakfast More Fun


Early morning is a hard time for everyone regardless of age, and sometimes breakfast is disregarded for the sake of more sleep. The first meal of the day is an important one, and Kellogg's doesn't want anyone to miss out on it (partially for cereal sales, but also for your own well-being). They approached designer Dominic Wilcox to see if he could cook up a way to make breakfast more exciting. In the following 10 weeks, Wilcox went to work on some whimsical devices to let parents and children alike have some fun with their food.

1. Cereal Serving Crane Head Device 

This impossibly silly yellow cap comes equipped with a working crane that scoops up cereal and puts it in a bowl. Levers on a dashboard let the user control the hat so he can pretend that constructing breakfast is as serious business as constructing a building.

2. Soggy-o-meter  

This timer lets the user figure out when your cereal has hit peak sogginess. For crispy cereal eaters, this gadget is completely worthless, but lots of people like their breakfast a little mushier. The Soggy-o-Meter has different settings that let the user choose a cereal and desired sogginess so they can dig in at just the right moment.

3. “Get Enough” Robot Spoon 

When I was a kid, we had plastic spoons with characters' faces that changed colors when dunked in milk; I thought that was pretty high-tech. Today’s kids can have blinking robot spoons lit up with LED lights. This spoon measures how many bites of cereal have been taken, and slowly wakes up and becomes more alert. After 4 hours, it gets tired and goes back to sleep, letting the owner know it’s time to refuel.

4. Snap, Crackle and Pop Amplifier Cereal Bowl 

The whole idea behind the cereal Rice Krispies is that you can hear them popping in the bowl. The sound is kind of subtle, so sometimes it’s easy to miss—but not when they're put in this bowl, which amplifies the sound so a breakfaster can really hear what’s going on.

5. "Breakfast is Ready!" Pillow alarm 

This is perhaps the most important of the innovations, because the diners actually have to be awake if they want to enjoy the breakfast fun. Pushing a button on the rooster’s head to sends a wireless signal to the sleeper’s pillow. The pillow will alert the participant that it's time to get up, first gently and then in increasing measures of force. Nothing says good morning like a pillow screaming at you.

To learn about the rest of the cereal-related inventions, check out Dominic Wilcox's website

[h/t: PSFK]