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Listen to the Music of the Solar System With This Addictive App

Shaunacy Ferro
Whitevinyl Design
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Whitevinyl Design


Space is a quiet place. Because the large area between stars and planets is more or less a vacuum, sound has nothing to bounce off of. Hence, the old adage that no one can hear you scream. But that doesn’t mean the universe is silent. 

UK-based designer Luke Twyman created a web app that turns the movement of planets into a digital orchestra. Solar Beat uses orbital frequencies to turn the movement of the planets in our solar system into music. 

Image Credit: Whitevinyl Design

Each planet is assigned a musical note, and every time it rotates around the sun, that note plays. Because the planets orbit the sun at different rates, it creates a unique melody, reminiscent of a particularly melodic doorbell. 

Twyman first created SolarBeat in 2010 and updated it this year with more sound controls. You can now adjust the speed of the planets’ orbits and various aspects of the sound, like the bass levels and the echo, molding the solar system’s music to your whims. Play around with it on his site

[h/t: Co.Design]