Artist Makes Anatomy Adorable Through the Power of Knitting

Michele Debczak
aKNITomy via Etsy
aKNITomy via Etsy / aKNITomy via Etsy

For those of you who never got over the trauma of dissecting frogs in high school, Emily Stoneking’s knitted art might be your first step to recovery. 

Her “aKNITomy” Etsy shop reads, "Welcome to the icky and cuddly world of knitted anatomy, where biology no longer smells like formaldehyde, but like your favorite sweater.” She uses colorful yarn to knit scientifically accurate scenes of everything from animal autopsies to a bisected human head. One piece depicts a gray, knit alien with its torso open to display a colorful set of inner organs. Another maps the anatomy of the inner ear down to the last, fuzzy detail.

Stoneking’s art is so bright and adorable that you almost forget to feel creeped out when looking at it. If these were hanging up in science classrooms across America, perhaps they'd make frog dissections feel a little less traumatic. 

All Images Courtesy of aKNITomyvia Etsy

[h/t: Inhabitots