Design Your Own Clothing—While You Wear It

Rebecca OConnell

Clothing with loud and unusual patterns can be fun, but sometimes, pieces look better on the rack than on you. To make sure a pattern is perfect on and off your body, you can now design your own virtual couture with help from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. My Design Lab, a team based at the Institute, has developed a project called "Mirror Mirror," which lets consumers design their own clothes using spatial augmented reality and a projector. 

A camera captures and records the body of the individual standing in front of the mirror, while a projector shows designs on the user in real time. (An additional background projector places the participant in different scenes in order to give designs some context.) By moving around and gesturing, users can manipulate the patterns they see, turning their bodies into living canvases. 

Once a design has been perfected, it can be shared online or printed out. Watch the video below to see the "Mirror Mirror" prototype in action:

[h/t: Visual News]