Carry Your Kitchen in Your Backpack With This Collapsible Cookware

Kirstin Fawcett
YouTube / YouTube

When you’re spending a weekend in the wilderness, you’d rather travel light. But the thought of subsisting on low-bulk backpack foods like dried fruit, jerky, and energy bars isn’t appealing for most forest-going foodies.

Aware of this dilemma, Sea to Summit designed a line of collapsible silicone pots, kettles, bowls, and mugs that flatten into Frisbee-sized (or smaller) discs with the press of a hand. This way, you can avoid hauling a heavy load but still cook a fresh meal.

The heaviest items are the pots, and they come in three sizes; the largest is a 2.8-liter vessel that weighs a mere 11.5 ounces—but can still stand the heat of a blazing camp stove. The vessels are built with an aluminum base and rim, and manufacturers promise they won’t melt into your pork and baked beans.

Check out a demo video of how Sea to Summit’s pots work below, and lament that they aren’t designed for a traditional stovetop. Think of how much space you could save in your kitchen…

[h/t WIRED]