LEGO Nail Art Lets You Flaunt Your Architectural Prowess

Rebecca OConnell
Dorota Pankowska
Dorota Pankowska / Dorota Pankowska

Here is something putting your chipped nail polish to shame: LEGO nail art. Self-described "stuffmaker" Dorota Pankowska created this look by sawing off the studs of LEGO bricks and gluing them directly onto her nails. With a heavy coat of green polish, she was in business. Using real LEGO parts meant that she could attach minifigs and bricks to create elaborate scenes right on her fingertips. Pankowska opted for Patrick Starr strolling through flowers, but with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless—you just need to put up with having a bunch of clunky plastic stuck to you all day. Looking at the pictures, it might be worth it, but you could also stick with a flatter option to show your LEGO love.