These Celeb Portraits Show Stars As Shadows of Their Younger Selves

Kirstin Fawcett
Fulvio Obregon, a.k.a. Fulaleo
Fulvio Obregon, a.k.a. Fulaleo / Fulvio Obregon, a.k.a. Fulaleo

Colombian graphic artist Fulvio Obregón is drawing a connection between the past and present. In a collection of illustrations titled “Yo & Mi Otro Yo” (in English, translated into “Me & My Other Me”), the creator depicts famous figures like Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, and Bill Gates standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their younger selves.

Some of the contrasts by Obregón, who also goes by "Fulaleo," are striking—particularly between the youthful, longhaired Jobs and his now-iconic balding visage. What gives the drawings an extra layer of depth, however, are the subjects’ outfits, which either predict or parody their future accomplishments. In some cases, they manage to do both.

The comparison between the younger Jackson’s cherubic innocence and the elder version’s gaunt cheekbones and melancholy eyes says more than an ironic outfit— or a multi-platinum music career—ever could.

Check out Obregón's illustrations below, or learn more about the artist via his Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or website

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All images courtesy Fulvio Obregon, AKA Fulaleo