Flat Reading Lamps That Look 3D

Rebecca OConnell

At first glance, these lamps all look three-dimensional, but in reality, they're laser-engraved sheets of acrylic glass—and very much flat. The fun optical illusions are created by Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha. Their series, called Bulbing, started with a simple flat light bulb

Since the first bulb, the series has expanded to include fun shapes such as skulls and teddy bears. The studio's three new designs are part of their "Flat Lamp Collection" (check out their Kickstarter here), which take inspiration from traditional shaded lamps. 

The new lamps will have added features, including a dimmer switch and stronger LEDs. The company promises about 50,000 hours of use from each lamp. 

"I wanted to do a reading lamp so people will have more interaction with the piece, and by using the dimmer they would use the lamp's functionality more," studio founder Nir Chehanowski told Cool Hunting