Tune In to This Soothing Visualization of a Chopin Etude


What’s more mesmerizing than a piece of classical music? A piece of classical music set to a stunning data visualization.

Composer and computer wizard Stephen Malinowski turns classical scores into visual masterpieces that move with the music, kind of like a classical Guitar Hero that never misses a beat. His Music Animation Machine creates a scrolling score where different colors indicate different instruments, and the position on the screen denotes changes in pitch and timing. Each note (visualized as a colored circle in this case) lights up when it is played. The effect is soothing and meditative, and a good way to begin to see the way a piece is constructed for those who aren’t classical music experts. 

Chopin is Malinowski’s latest obsession, but this is far from his only visualization. He’s been doing similar visualizations with other composers, including Bach, Beethoven, and Vivaldi, for years. 

[h/t: Digg]