IRL Internet-Themed Flea Market Sells Meme Prints, "WobMD" Advice and Spam Mail

Shaunacy Ferro
Roger Kisby for Hopes & Fears
Roger Kisby for Hopes & Fears / Roger Kisby for Hopes & Fears

What might the Internet look like in the physical world? Internet Yami-Ichi, an “Internet Black Market” that originated in Japan, tries to explore what our favorite web activities might look like offline through a flea market-type art fair. The event recently came to the U.S. for the first time, setting up shop at a Queens arts space. Online magazine Hopes and Fears sent a photographer into this bold world of IRL Interneters, where spam mail gets delivered by the postal service and WebMD-ing your latest ailment will garner you a prescription for “mystery substances” (juice is involved). 

The New York art gallery Babycastles set up shop with WobMD, a doctor and pharmacy service that looks about as reliable as a hypochondriac’s Google searches. 

Who doesn’t want to hang physical reminders of Grumpy Cat or College Freshman on their wall? That wouldn’t be weird at all. 

This handy travel-sized hand sanitizer holds an operating system that leaves almost no trace of your online activity. All our browser histories could use a little sanitizer, to be honest.

See more of the art here.

[h/t: Hopes and Fears]

All images by Roger Kisby for Hopes & Fears.