The Brits Made A Giant Yorkshire Pudding Burger for Food Challenges

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Anyone looking for a new food challenge? Well, the Brits have something for you. Smokehouse BBQ in Wakefield, West Yorkshire has created something that can only be described as a cross between a gigantic burger and a roast dinner. It’s called the "Yorkshire Challenge," and consists of beef brisket, pulled chicken, two 20-ounce burger patties, cheese, chips, and onion gravy, all stacked between two giant Yorkshire puddings.

The meal, which usually costs £25 ($38.72), can be yours for free if you finish the challenge and eat the entire thing. Before you get too excited about cutting down your travel budget, you might want to know that the whole meal is 5000 calories and you only have 30 minutes to complete the challenge.

Smokehouse BBQ’s manager Michael Hewitt invented the burger in an effort to combine American and British cuisine. "We joined the American cuisine, the burger, and quintessentially British food, the Yorkshire pudding, which other than fish and chips is one of the most British dishes," Hewitt said. "You could call it the fusion of the common man's cuisine. It's almost like a Sunday roast in a burger."

You don’t actually have to try the challenge to enjoy it. Hewitt explained, "Whenever people try it everyone in the restaurant is cheering and clapping and it's a really fun atmosphere.” But no one has actually completed the challenge, which is probably a good thing. “The closest anyone has come to finishing it is a few chips left at the bottom. So far it's defeated everyone."

[h/t: Mashable]