Required Viewing: Everything is a Remix

Vimeo / Kirby Ferguson
Vimeo / Kirby Ferguson / Vimeo / Kirby Ferguson

Five years ago this month, filmmaker Kirby Ferguson released Everything is a Remix, a short documentary about creativity, copyright, and copying. Over the following two years, he released more footage, ultimately putting out four episodes that added up to more than 30 minutes of footage.

The resulting documentary is a masterpiece, and is required viewing for anyone who interacts with art, music, or technology—which is pretty much all of us.

Now, Ferguson has remastered the film in HD, and made it a simple, single video. If you're interested in how artists work, what copyright and patent laws are supposed to do (versus what they actually do), and especially if you want to know just how many songs Led Zeppelin "borrowed," this is for you.

Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD) from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Disclosure: Although I've been writing about Ferguson for years, I recently met him and we've seen several awful sci-fi movies together. I'm also backing his new Kickstarter project to get a sweet shirt.