Channel Your Inner Jedi at a Singapore Lightsaber Academy

Caitlin Schneider
YouTube / YouTube

You might think you’re ready for this year’s upcoming Star Wars installment, but let’s get real: Your lightsaber skills could use some work.

Thankfully there’s a place for that. At The Saber Authority in Singapore, you can throw down in their Force Academy and battle it out like the Jedis do in galaxies far, far away. The weapons themselves aren’t cheap, but the varying programs offered by the academy—from hour-long training sessions to monthly memberships—are priced for both those with and without a saber of their own.

The lightsaber lessons are derived from actual martial-arts techniques so your new skills could theoretically extend beyond intergalactic disputes. If you’re not going to be in Singapore anytime soon, fear not, there are other lightsaber training grounds from Italy to New York and beyond.

To see some of the thrilling (and glowing) sessions in action, check out video from The Saber Authority below.

[h/t The Daily Dot]