These House-Themed Harry Potter Covers Are Gorgeous

Michele Debczak
Juniper Books
Juniper Books / Juniper Books

A Harry Potter book can say a lot about the person who’s reading it. For instance, someone carrying a battered, dog-eared copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban is clearly a true fan. Now there’s even a set of covers that announce to the world what house you belong to. 

Juniper Books has released four Harry Potter sets complete with customized dust jackets inspired by the houses of Hogwarts. Each design is elegant and minimalist, reminiscent of a book cover one might see while browsing the Hogwarts library. They naturally come in the colors that correspond to each house, and there's even a tiny badger perched on the Hufflepuff spine. It should come as no surprise that Gryffindor is their hottest seller, with Ravenclaw coming in second. Hufflepuff was at one point in last place but has recently been growing in popularity (this is the Age of Hufflepuff, after all).

A customized set will cost you $275; that’s $115 more than a standard hardcover boxed set. If you need an excuse to invest in the whole series—or if you're looking for the right way to tell your friend you know they're a Slytherin—these books would make a gorgeous gift or collector’s item.

All photos courtesy of Juniper Books

[h/t: Hello Giggles]