Forget the Airport Shuttle—You Can Now Ride Your Suitcase

Kirstin Fawcett

If you’ve ever longed to own a sit-down Segway you can store things in, you might want to check out Modobag, “rideable carry-on luggage” that allows you to zoom around airport terminals.  

The bizarre buggy is the brainchild of a Chicago entrepreneur named Kevin O’Donnell. While watching kids “ride” a suitcase he was tugging through an airport, O'Donnell says he was struck with a simple thought: Why don’t we put motors on these?

O’Donnell teamed up with a college friend—who conveniently happened to be a competitive motorcyclist—and finessed the final product, a lithium battery-powered valise with a braking system, GPS tracking, and 2000 cubic inches of interior packing space.

Recently, O'Donnell launched a Kickstarter to bring the Modobag to the masses. Right now, early birds can purchase the bag for $999 and expect a February 2016 delivery. If the crowd-funded project reaches its goal, the suitcase will hit the market early next year for $1899.99. 

The Modobag comes in two designs, accommodates riders up to 260 pounds, and can apparently travel up to six miles at a time. All in all, the carry-on bag is equal parts crazy and convenient—although we’re not sure whether luggage can be called “carry-on” if it technically carries you