This Hoodie Is a Portable Back Massager

Shaunacy Ferro
Aira / Aira

Modern life doesn't have your back. Those long hours hunched over a laptop are directly directly linked to the number of painful muscle knots along your spine. But who has the time and money for regular massages, or the space for one of those dorky automated massage chairs? Enter the Aira, a portable back massager hidden within the seams of a hoodie.

The sweatshirt works much like those massage chairs that are the highlight of any Brookstone visit, except it hangs off your body and is controlled via smartphone. The app allows you to select different settings for your preferred massage intensity. Designed for laptop warriors chained to a desk, the device works better if you have something to lean against. And it’s so innocuous-looking, no one would even know you were getting a massage. 

There could be a few concerns about a piece of technology encased in a sweatshirt—among them how heavy is it and whether it's waterproof—but the idea itself is brilliant. While the garment isn't on the market yet, the creators promise that it will be “less than half the price of a smartphone.” You can sign up for updates on the Aira site

[h/t: Co.Design]

All images via Aira