Frozen in carbonite, Han Solo is helpless to aid the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. Frozen in frosting, Han Solo is helplessly part of a balanced breakfast.

“Frosted Han Solo” depicts the famous moment in The Empire Strikes Back when our rakish hero gets nabbed by the bad guys. While his Pop-Tart encasement is convincing, it should be mentioned that this Han Solo is an inedible piece of pop art, and not food, created by the folks at Falcon Toys. The description on their website even comes with a warning: “This resin toaster pastry closely resembles a POPular breakfast treat but I assure it doesn't taste like one.”

Only 15 "Frosted Han Solos" were made and the stock is currently sold out, but there’s an Etsy store that sells a very similar item if it’s a must-have on your list. Falcon Toys also said via Facebook that they’ll “revisit” the idea in the future.

(Amazingly, these don't look to be the first Han Solo Pop-Tarts. IGN may have come up with the idea in 2012...)

Frosted Han Solo joins (in spirit) a long line of actual Star Wars-related edibles like Pocky, soup and Spaghetti-O’s, toast, and Angry Birds Fruit Gummies. If it's carbonite you’re after, there are beach towels, statues, and even a mini fridge you can buy.

[h/t HelloGiggles]