Expandable Bookshelf Stretches to Any Size You Want

Rebecca OConnell

Anyone who lives in the city understands that space is a scarce commodity. City dwellers are also prone to moving with some frequency, meaning the amount of space they have to work with can change abruptly. Japanese design firm Nendo understands these challenges and has just the solution for your storage woes. Their new bookshelf, called Nest, can expand and retract to fit into whatever space you have available. 

The carbon fiber shelving unit can be expanded to accommodate your entire library, or pushed back together to slip into a tight spot in your room. The accordian-like creation starts out as three large compartments, but becomes six, and then nine, as the owner pulls. At its widest, the shelves are more than four feet wide, but the piece can be collapsed into half that size—making it the perfect furniture to adapt to your changing lifestyle (and growing collection of books).

[h/t: Co.Design]