These Glasses Will Make Your Beer Look And Taste Better

Sempli / Sempli

There’s no better way to proclaim your enthusiasm for craft beer than by drinking it out of a funny-shaped glass. This collection from the Los Angeles brand Sempli may look like it puts form ahead of function, but each angular, mouth-blown crystal vessel is actually designed to enhance the drinking experience of a specific type of beer. 


The four glasses in the Monti Taste set complement IPA, pilsner, pints, and 12-ounce bottles (from left to right, above). The tall Monti-Pils glass is crafted to prolong the fizzing of more carbonated pilsners by making the beer’s bubbles travel further to the surface, while the hourglass-shaped IPA glass is meant to aerate the product by taking it on what the company calls “a mini rollercoaster ride into the glass.” Each container has an inverted conical base that Sempli claims will temper the splash of the initial pour and lead the brew’s bubbles up to the surface. 

The collection is available separately or together in a full set of four. Even if you only use them to drink light beer, you'll look 100 percent fancier doing it.

[h/t: Dezeen]