Rowhouse or RV? The Most Popular Types of Housing in Every Major American City

Jennifer M Wood

If you live in New York City, “home” is usually a cozy apartment complex with at least a couple dozen neighbors. In Los Angeles, it’s probably a detached private home. How we live, and the structure in which we’re most likely to do it, changes with geography, as The Washington Post’s Wonkblog recently discovered.

“The detached, single-family home—far and away the most common style of housing in America—is rare in Washington, DC,” write the article’s authors. “Only about one in 10 homes inside the District is designed this way, with a private front door to the city, maybe a yard in the back, some buffer space keeping the neighbors at bay. Windows all the way around!”

From rowhouses in Philly to RVs in Mesa, Wonkblog compiled data from the U.S. Census Bureau and American Community Survey to determine the most popular types of housing in America’s 40 largest cities. Spoiler alert: If you’re living in something other than a single-family home, you’re in the minority.

[h/t Wonkblog]