UK Subway Riders Share Their Commute With Crabs

Olivia Harrison
Twitter / Twitter

While New Yorkers have to share the subway with the likes of the recent Internet celebrity Pizza Rat, residents of Newcastle, England are dealing with decidedly crabbier traveling companions.

Commuters at the Gateshead Metro station spotted more than a dozen crabs crawling their way along the platform last Thursday.

But where did these unlikely passengers come from? According to Metro bosses, a (human) passenger was carrying the crabs in a plastic bag, which apparently split open, causing him or her to lose the crabs. The person in question left the station without gathering the crabs back up. The little crustaceans were taken to Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth, but, unfortunately, only a few survived. The morning commute is hard on everyone.

[h/t: The Daily Mail]