So, in theory, you should be able to wait a few minutes to use your phone until you can manage to get out of the rain. But hey, sometimes we just need to text, like, right now. Even in a downpour. Even when our hands are full with seemingly more important things, like an umbrella. 

Enter the Phone-Brella, an umbrella specifically designed to keep you dry while you use your phone. It’s got a hook instead of a handle that you can loop your arm through, allowing the pole to rest against your shoulder to keep your umbrella upright. 

kt olleh Phone-brella 2015 (Limited Edition 2) from surplus x on Vimeo.

The umbrella was a free promotional gift from a Korean telecom company, which explains why the video above plays like a weird cell-phone-centered romantic comedy. But, should KT ever release the product again, it would surely be at least as popular as selfie sticks

[h/t: Co.Design]