A Poster That Showcases the Best Japanese Snack Food

Rebecca OConnell

When designer Fanny Chu discovered a restaurant in Berkeley, California called Tamon Tea, she was also introduced to the expansive world of Japanese snacks. The eatery offers all sorts of authentic Japanese goodies, including mochi, dango, takoyaki, and more. After trying one particularly delicious treat—sakura mochi—Chu was compelled to document these delicious wonders in an illustrated poster. 

The resulting artwork features 25 different snacks, along with their names and ingredients. All of the delightful foods she included are freshly made at the food carts that line the streets of Japanese cities, and enjoyed at street festivals and other public celebrations. 

"The process of me picking the right snacks is quite difficult," Chu explained in an e-mail. "I wanted to choose something that people already have at least some idea of what it might be. I look for clues from restaurants, food festivals, food blogs, etc."

If you're interested in snagging a poster for yourself, there's an ongoing Kickstarter campaign to get them printed. The posters come in two sizes: 16x20 inches and 24x36 inches. For more illustrated food, check out Chu's ramen poster, which is currently on sale.